Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Black Mailbox - Rachel, Nevada

The conspiracy theorists say if you want to see some future tech you can stand in the desert at night and the sky may reveal the future to you... if you're standing at the Black Mailbox that is, along SR375 near Rachel, Nevada. (Southeastern Nevada between Crystal Springs and Warm Springs, sanctioned by Nevada as the Extraterrestrial Highway.)

I knew nothing about this mailbox with a story until last month when I watched the 2011 comedy DVD Paul starring Simon Pegg (perhaps best known as Scotty on the newest Star Trek movie) and his screen partner Nick Frost, who is known to be quite funny.

 Why is the geography cool? Because it's so damn hot. I'll explain, no there is too much, I'll sum up. At 282ft below sea level, Death Valley, the lowest point in North America sits right under Nellis Air Force Base/SR 375 and the highest point in the 48 states is Mount Whitney just 86 miles away (14,505ft). What the hell? Add to that the statistics for each, including highest temp ever recorded in North America happens to be at Death Valley's Furnace Creek and you've got a reason that UFO's may visit that location. Maybe they like it hotter than we do? Or they like the sauna effect of flying from the hottest heat to the freezing peak of a mountain in the blink of an oversized eye? OOoooo frosty: The Frost Connection.

The technology described by Bob Lazar on a fascinating episode of Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell that I heard over ten years ago has lodged in my brain as the evidence that we have "miles to go before we sleep" (to quote Robert Frost [a Frost connection?]) The geographic location of the black mailbox is certainly fascinating, and I would love to hear from the postal champion who delivers the mail to the black mailbox, in the wilds of Nevada's 89001 zip. Beam me up a postcard?

Lazar described his work on other world craft, suggesting his work was performed at an oxymoronically secretive place in the desert of Nevada near the famous lone mailbox now known as "The Black Mailbox", even though it is white now. (see Ebony and Ivory)

We can't yet direct a beam of gravity to fall our way forward into the night sky in our Element 116 powered vehicle, we simply light a fire inside a box of metal and pour gas on that fire (internal combustion), and the pistons "catch" these explosions with other hardware to transmit that force to the wheels of our postal jeeps, etc. While admittedly falling our way down the road, it is not quite in a Directed Gravity fashion. Will the UFO people bring me a flying car?

When life today is compared to the technologies of the future, it is clear that we hammer out these internet posts and cell phone messages on mere toys and the real goods are yet to come. Here is a note on the Postal Service's most/least secretive new tech, from  
The Postal Service moves mail using planes, trains, trucks, cars, boats, ferries, helicopters, subways, float planes, hovercrafts, T-3s, street cars, mules, bicycles and feet.


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