Thursday, June 21, 2012

 Just off Highway 84 twenty-some miles East of Portland, OR in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, you'll find Bridal Veil Post office. 97010 map
They hand cancel over 100,000 wedding invitations each year.
It's not much bigger than a mini-van. Free standing Post Offices don't get much smaller than this. But it is big on charm and long in the tooth. The post office has been here for 125 years and still going strong. The Bridal Veil Historical Preservation Society Anniversary Party is l0am to 3pm on July 7th, 2012 and that happens to be my wife and mine's wedding anniversary - how serendipitous bein's that Bridal Veil is world famous with brides. If you are a 7-7-07 like we are, come on out to Bridal Veil Post Office and celebrate your fifth and their 125th at this one-of-a-kind Post Box with a Story.

A look at their world famous drop slot. Not much to write home about on that, but, you could write home or at least send 'em a post card, so whadaya want, gold trim??

SPECIAL POST MARKED: Here's a look at the cancel stamps you can request, and who could fault a bride for wanting to spruce up her invites mailed right here?

Just past the post office is the Historic Route 30 which takes you to Bridal Veil Falls and all the other waterfalls along this "Gorge"geous, did we make that punny enough, waterfall drive. Hiking is available too, here's a look at the well groomed and very well marked hiking area for Angel's Rest Trail.
 The lord's pièce de résistance in this watershed has to be Multnomah Falls. It's the second highest waterfall in the continental US, and you don't want to miss the hotdog stand there either.
 Follow Highway 84 a small number of miles east and you'll encounter Bonneville Dam which has wonderful free tours, locks, fish ladders and is pumping out more electricity than California, Oregon or Washington can muster toward a  Brownout situation. Check out a 450 pound sturgeon... take the dam tour! if you want.

Just 8 miles past Bonneville you'll see exits for Cascade Locks where your car will cost you a $1 toll to cross the Bridge of the Gods. Directly on the Washington Shore you'll see this sign.
And this sign. The Pacific Crest Trail is a hiking trail that is open to anyone who wants to hike fourteen of the highest mountain passes in North America all on one trail from Canada to Mexico. This otherwise alpine trail crosses the Columbia River Gorge on the Bridge of the Gods, so if you have been over the Bridge of the Gods you have been on the Pacific Crest Trail... with your car. That's not typically allowed, although there are places the trail aligns with roads.

(special thanks to S. Brennan and D. Reid DeMeo for the geek factoids!)  The Postal Service has the world’s largest civilian fleet and the world’s largest alternative fuel–enabled fleet of vehicles.
(Maybe they should be inventing my flying car? Put at least one guy on it? Hmmm, a flying mail jeep, didn't DaVinci draw one of those?) :)

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